Around The World In 100 Words - September 2017, Week 40

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This week's Around The World (ATW) features yours truly going to bat against our Finance Minister at a Town Hall meeting this past Friday. The forum took place in Oakville and the Unifor Hall was packed with several hundred angry business owners, including myself.

Front and centre was Bill Morneau on the hot seat "listening" to individual after individual explain how his Discussion Paper (for which legislation has already been written -so much for discussion) will harm financially, hardworking business owners and hurt Canada's cherished middle class.

My question to Morneau (in this BNN video) concerned the unfairness of Morneau's tax legislation which would continue to allow public sector workers to income split their pensions, but deny business owners a similar opportunity to do so. I asked him a simple question: How is that fair?

Further changes in Morneau's legislation include imposing a 70% tax on retained earnings of small business owners, while allowing large publically traded companies to pay tax at half that rate. Again, how is that fair? Canada's entrepreneurial women and men who start businesses pursuing their dreams and risk everything to realize it are heroes and should be celebrated not called loophole-exploiting tax cheats. And worst of all, by a Prime Minister and Finance Minister who, not surprisingly, are silent on the issue of increasing taxes on the millions of dollars sitting in their Trust Funds. Speaking truth to power is right and just and represents the beginning of change.

A change that will eventually take the form of a roll-back in this deeply flawed legislation, preferably under a new governing party federally.

In the meantime, just know that I support every one of you and will go to bat (see Global News video) and go to the wall for every one of you. Thank you for your contribution to Canada, the Canadian economy and for contributing to Canada's Middle Class.

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